Pheromones and Long Term Relationships

Hey there, Love Scent fans.  In the spirit of Valentines Day, we’re going to use this week’s blog post to discuss how you can use pheromones to help keep you connected to your long term partners. Many people curious about pheromones think that the main reason to use them is to find new partners. In reality, pheromones are great for many different uses. Here are a few ways that pheromones can help out your long term relationship and smooth out any bumps in the road that might come along.


Connecting With Your Partner

Chances are, the reason you’re in a long term relationship in the first place is because you connected with your partner on a deep level early into your relationship. The thing is, even the closest of partners will have the occasional period of disconnection.  It can be easy to get lost in your work, your hobbies, or personal issues and begin to disconnect from your partner. Even though these feelings are natural, if left unchecked they can lead to the end of a relationship down the road. If you’re currently experiencing this, pheromones can be used to increase intimacy with your partner and rebuild the connection very quickly. Sometimes all it takes is one deep, intimate conversation to set things back on track, and pheromones are great at being that ice-breaker that gets the conversation going by helping you and your partner open up to each other.


Reigniting the Passion

Sometimes losing connection with your partner happens when one or both you is less excited about sex than usual for an extended period of time. These are also natural feelings, but they can be particularly frustrating when in a long term relationship. Pheromones and sex are very much linked, and very sexual pheromone products such as Alpha-7 and New Pheromone Additive (for men or women) can really help to bring back the passion, sexual excitement, and intimacy in a relationship. Pheromones are not exactly aphrodisiacs, but they can work in similar ways, especially if you plan a romantic date with your partner to use them on. Even if you’re having intimacy problems, the passion is most likely still there, it just needs a little fire-starter to get things going.  Pheromones can be that fire-starter.


A Romantic Night Out

Even if you aren’t having any problems in your relationship, pheromones can really add some heat to a romantic date with your partner. When you’ve been with a partner for a long time, it can sometimes be hard to find the next level of intimacy and connection. Pheromones help anyone open up, and when you use them on a date with someone you are already passionate about they can really help you have a good time and help you and your partner connect in ways you might not have even thought of before. On top of that, you don’t need to hide the fact that you’re using pheromones. Their effects work whether or not people know about them. Many of our customers purchase our products for their partners to wear, or they know that their partners love it when they are wearing pheromones.


If you’re curious about pheromones but haven’t used them because you’re already in a relationship, go ahead and give them a try! Your relationship could benefit from it, and your partner might love it. Valentines Day is a perfect day to try them out, too! Let us know about your experiences using pheromones in a long term relationship by leaving a comment below, and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get some free samples, and to be updated on new blog posts, products, and promotions.


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