Product Review: Impi Red (Guest Post)

This week we have something extra for you, Love Scent fans.  Our friends at House of Pheromones wrote this article on Impi Red, a great pheromone product that hasn’t gotten enough mention in this blog until now.  Make sure to check out more pheromone reviews at  Now, we’ll leave it to PheroJoe, with the word on Impi Red.

Impi Red was re-released earlier this year – a known powerhouse for generating serious attraction, social prowess, and respect. We decided to put it to the test at the House Of Pheromones.

With the success I had using New Pheromone Additive (NPA) in the last 2 years, I was pretty excited to put “Impi Red” under the microscope to see what kind of sorcery this product contained.

A quick backstory first though: Originally, I heard great things about Impi Red back in 2012-2013.

At the time, I was still somewhat “green” in my pheromone testing, and eventually missed out on the product.

Soon enough, a few reports were floating around that the supplier either changed or mixed up the formula, and wasn’t nearly as good as the original “red” version that came out.

I decided to hold off on trying it until any issues were resolved…

Lo and behold, earlier this year Love Scent re-released the “original” version of Impi Red.

Luckily this time, I didn’t waste a minute getting my hands on it.

Mainly because when you test products so often, it kind of “ruins” the magic of pheromones – simply because not much excites you anymore.

That’s why I was dying to find out why people had raved about it so fanatically in the past.

But before I even get started on my findings and review, let me elaborate on something before I dive into the effects of Impi Red.

We know it’s an attraction product.

But at the same time, there are a LOT of products out there for “attraction” purposes.

Love Scent is a major distributor of pheromone products, especially ones that deal with attraction.

But here’s the rub – they all work differently for different people.

They create different vibes, which one people may like more than another, and so on.

So when people ask me “what’s the best attraction product”, it’s hard to give a solid answer.

For example, New Pheromone Additive is a VERY strong, blatant pheromone formula, the signs of attraction will be unmistakeable. However, it’s also a very polarizing product that women will either love you or hate you with it on.

Therefore, New Pheromone Additive is a product best reserved for when you KNOW a woman is already into you.

With that said, I quickly found out why Impi Red is and was such a powerful product…

Despite the odd name, it is definitely not a joke when it comes to attraction.

During the first few trials of the product, I found that it seems to project a charismatic, attractive, and “popular” kind of vibe, which works very well for my personality.

Naturally, this tends to attract younger women because they value social status. And being in my 20’s, I go for women in my age range — although, it does work very well on women in their 30’s too.

One of the most obvious effects you will notice from the first few times you try this product, is that it is has a strong “spotlight” effect – which generates blatant staring, glances, and even strong eye contact – which you should act on when it presents itself.

It’s definitely an attention grabber which will make you stand out from the crowd – especially if it’s an attractive woman who gets hit on constantly.

Of course, those are some pretty simple surface level effects, and as an enthusiast I go a lot further than picking out just the surface level effects, like eye contact or staring.

There is much more to Impi Red than meets the eye.

Impi Red creates a very intense aura around you that people (especially women) find EXTREMELY attractive.

And this is all before you even engage a conversation (or have one started with you).

That’s where the real “magic” of the product presents itself – when you are actually in an interaction with a woman.

After dozens of conversations with female friends, acquaintances, and women I don’t know, I found something very special about Impi Red that I wasn’t really expecting.

As strong of an attention grabber it is on the surface, it also seems to have a powerful “build up” attraction effect.

This “build up” makes women become more and more mesmerized by your presence.

Within minutes, you will notice that your interactions become fun and flirty.

It becomes a natural progression of deeper attraction, which you can then drive into whichever direction you want.

This also happens to women who are nearby in the Impi Red pheromone cloud, even if you haven’t yet started a conversation or interacting with them (noticeable in stores where women will be around you briefly, hairdressers, shopping lines etc).

… After a few minutes of exposure women start fidgeting (even if you’re not directly interacting with them), start glancing your way, and trying to resist making it obvious they are staring.

There are some very good social effects I see with it too. Women simply feel comfortable chatting to you, being playful, and flirting.

I think this is because of the “popular” vibe Impi projects gives women the impression that you are just a naturally attractive guy.

This goes without saying, but your interactions should reflect that vibe too.

Be fun, be flirty, and be confident – Impi Red will just make the ride a lot smoother, to the point where there is little resistance to your charms.

There is no pheromone product that will do the talking, touching, and flirting for you.

What they will do, however is give you that extra “edge” to your personality, that makes you much more attractive overall.

Speaking of “charms”, you will also notice that women become very easily persuaded to giving out their phone number, accepting a date, or an invitation.

Women are easily suggestible once they have marinated in your Impi Red cloud…

… which is a side effect of the “social” charm and charisma the product creates.

This is what makes Impi Red very unique – it requires a little more effort than other pheromone products, but it becomes much more versatile as an overall pheromone product.

You can use it when you’re first meeting women at parties, bars, nightclubs… and you can also use it on dates for naturally progressing your relationship (whether it’s short or long term).

I could of course elaborate much more on the product, however that covers about 80% of the effects.

I’m seeing something of a “memory” effect, where women will recall small details about you – even some time later after your interaction.

However, that is something that I will cover in the complete House Of Pheromones review.

So just to recap, here’s a quick summary of the effects (plus a few that I didn’t mention earlier).

  • Impi Red is one of the most well rounded pheromone formulas I have tried to date. Not only does it cover the “attraction” base really well, it also generates respect from other males, and is very easy to be social with. Women become much more susceptible to suggestion, and following your lead.
  • Impi Red is a strong attention grabber and makes you stand out from the crowd. You will notice blatant eye contact, glancing, and much more social comfort around “flirting” in your interactions. This makes it a fun product that seems “light”, but is actually doing some heavy duty attraction work in the background.
  • Works best when you are actually engaging a woman. Impi Red creates a lot of magnetism, which make women feel increasingly mesmerized by your presence as you continue the interaction.
  • One of my favorite uses for pheromones are simply getting “self effects”. Impi Red manages to create a distinct feeling of well being, being at “peace”, and confident in my own skin. Of course, how you present yourself to women is also important when using pheromones, so this definitely adds to your overall game – you will have much better interactions with women when they perceive you as a high status male.
  • High social status, respect, and “popular” vibe which younger women find appealing. If you have tried “alpha” type products, they are excellent at getting people to see you as high status, and are sometimes intimidated by your presence. That’s the cost of having high status… however, Impi Red creates high SOCIAL status/value, which is very different (and much more attractive to most women).
  • The only downside I have found, is that it has a short half life. I see effects up to about 3-4 hours, and then it fizzles out. You may want to have a wipe handy to clean off the pheromones and start with a fresh application if you need it working effectively for a bit longer.


That is a lot of information on a pheromone product – but personally, I think it’s only fair that when a vendor that makes quality products and put a lot of time into creating it… it also gets a fair review with time and care taken to create it.

Also, in the near future we will go a lot more “in depth” and technical with the effects, and elaborate on the finer details on the official House Of Pheromones website.

Not only that, but we’ll cover other powerhouses products currently being offered at Love Scent, including New Pheromone Additive (NPA), NPA Touch, Edge, A7, and several others.

For most casual pheromone users, this review covers most of the core characteristics of Impi Red. For the crazy pheromone testers, there is always more learn.

In short, if you’re looking for a product that’s easy to use, attractive, and doubles as a great cologne because of its amazing default scent… then Impi Red will be a very welcome addition to your pheromone arsenal.

Overall rating: 9/10.

Thank you for reading.

– PheroJoe
Pheromone Enthusiast


  1. how dose/ spray for application?

    • 2-3 sprays spread out across your neck and wrists is plenty. I like putting one spray on each wrist and then rubbing them on my neck a little.

  2. I would love to try it.please send free sample or access to it

    • Hi Mark,

      Unfortunately we do not have free samples or small size versions of any of the Impi products. Our free samples include one of each of our gel packs, which for men include: Scent of Eros Scented and Unscented, Edge Scented, Alter Ego, and Perception. You can get some free samples by clicking on the “free samples” button at the top of the home page and following the instructions.

      We also have small size versions of Master, Pheromax, and Alpha-7 pheromones available for sale, and we are currently offering a free Alpha-7 Mini with any order over $50.

  3. I have a bottle of Impi but when I ordered it I saw no reference to “Impi Red” and it just says “Impi” on the bottle. Is there a difference between just plain Impi and Impi Red?

    • I believe the main difference between the different Impi products is the scent. Impi Red is the original Impi scent, and is in particular very popular among pheromone users compared to the other scents. Impi Red is the only one that comes in a box, and I don’t think it actually says Red on the box. If your’s came in a box, it’s the Red version.

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