Resource Spotlight: The Phero Mixer Cookbook

Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

This week, we want to point you to a resource that many of you will find helpful as you experiment with pheromones: The Phero Mixer Cookbook.

This “cookbook,” written by Love Scent Discussion Forum member Nimbus (with help from some other forum members), is a very useful guide to all pheromone users.

The Cookbook’s breakdown is as follows:

The focus of the Cookbook is the making of pheromone mixes, which are combinations of off-the-shelf products like the New Pheromone Additive. The idea behind mixes, as readers of this blog already know, is to maximize the good qualities of different products while downplaying any unpleasant qualities they may have.

Note: none of the mixes mentioned in the Cookbook deal with pure pheromones, like those found in our Fab 4 Chem Set. Combining pure pheromones is a great way to come up with mixes that are ideal for you and your body chemistry, but it’s also a difficult task if you don’t know what you’re doing. Starting with off-the-shelf pheromone formulas is an easier approach that allows you to become more familiar with pheromones and how they work before you move on to very advanced mixes of pure pheromones.

So, how should you approach the Cookbook? That depends on how much knowledge you have about pheromones!


If you’re a newbie–that is, someone who hasn’t used pheromones much before, or maybe never used them at all–we strongly recommend starting from the beginning. Let’s take a look…

The Preface gives a little bit of background on the Cookbook’s origins and its usefulness, which can be interesting to anyone who has just stumbled into the world of pheromones.

The Basics gives helpful information on the different types of pheromones contained in many of Love Scent’s products. If you want your experience with pheromones to be successful, you need to understand what they are and what they do, so be sure to read up on this information to get an idea of what will work for you. (You can also take a look at our Pheromone Focus series for information on individual pheromones.)

The Products & Mixes section takes a look at the pheromone products available at Love Scent, many of which contain multiple pheromones. In addition to giving the concentrations of the pheromones included in each product, the Cookbook also offers a quick summary of each. See the entry on Scent of Eros (discontinued) as an example:

SoE – Scent of Eros
Contains: nol @ 0.4 mg/ml, rone @ 0.1 mg/ml
Notes: This is a very successful product by JVK (one of the most effective for younger people), and is primarily based on nol.

After covering the products, the Cookbook gets into the mixes. After giving some general information on how to approach making your own mix, the Cookbook offers “recipes” for mixes that have already been developed and tested by other pheromone users in the forum. The recipes show which products to mix together, what ratios to use, and what effects you can expect. Here’s an example of one of the mixes:

DD#1 (no name provided by the author)
SoE + NPA @ 7:3
Author: DonaldDuck
The first mix to feature SoE. Actually JVK said that SoE is better as a standalone product, but this mix is working really well especially for younger ones (around 25 or less).
Recommended dosage: three/four swipes around your body
OD risk: very little

If you’ve ever wondered how to mix products together, or which products to mix together, you’ll want to read this section carefully!

The Advanced section looks at other uses for pheromones, such as adding formulas directly to cologne and how pheromones break down on your skin.

The Women’s Section is another section that covers products and mixes, focusing this time on the products made for female pheromone users. It also offers a quick look at the products involved, such as Primal Instinct for Women (which is no longer available, but which is very similar to our own Primal Women):

PI/W = Primal Instinct/Women’s formula — this is mostly -nol with just a trace of copulins

The Cookbook then offers mixes focused on the women’s products, like this Essence of a Woman-centered mix:

FTR Variation: 5 drops EW in one gallon spring water; decant one cup of this mix and add one drop of EW. Apply as fine mist spray all over, cover with light cologne or rose water; nice with one drop of -nol (PI/w or one of the essential oils with -nol sold on this website) applied on neck and wrists.

(Note: we no longer carry Essence of a Woman, but we have a nearly-identical replacement in the Love Scent Copulin Concentrate!)

If you’re a woman who wants to get into pheromone mixes, be sure to read this section!

By the time you get to Let’s Go!, you’ll be familiar with pheromone mixes and how they work, and should be ready to experiment. This section covers how to test your new mixes, whether you’re “in the field” at a club or party or at home with your long-term partner. Topics in this section include application methods (sprays vs. dabs vs. swipes), where to apply the mix, how to spot reactions in the people around you, and more. Definitely read up on this section if you haven’t experimented much with pheromones in the past, or if your experimenting hasn’t given you good results–you might learn something helpful!


More advanced pheromone users–those of you who have been using pheromones for a while and are very familiar with what they do and how they work–can hop to whatever section is relevant to your current needs. That said, you can’t really be too informed about pheromones, so we still recommend giving the whole Cookbook a look. You just might find some information that changes your experience with pheromones for the better.


However experienced you are with pheromones, remember that the Love Scent Discussion Forum and Pherolibrary have mountains of information waiting for you. You can forum threads for advice, take a look at Pherolibary’s Newbie FAQ, hop over to the Product Guide for information on individual products’ pheromone concentrations and effects, and more. There’s enough information out there to keep even the most curious minds occupied for months!

And that’s all for this week. We hope you take a look at The Phero Mixer Cookbook and get to experimenting with some mixes soon!


Have you ever used any of the mixes mention in The Phero Mixer Cookbook? Do you have a favorite mix of your own? Tell us about it below! Also feel free to contact us with any questions about the Cookbook or any other pheromone-related issues. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to hear about new products, exclusive promotions, blog posts, and more!


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