Oil Base vs Alcohol Base. Which is Better?

What’s up Love Scent fans? This week will be a shorter post, but we wanted to address a question that occasionally comes up. That question is: are oil based pheromones more effective than alcohol based pheromones, or the other way around?

The truth is that neither base is more effective than the other, and it all comes down to personal preference. There is a lot of misinformation going around on the subject. Some people have even heard that alcohol can break down pheromones over time, but this is simply not true. In fact, alcohol is actually great at preserving pheromones because it kills some bacteria that can break down pheromones. Oil based pheromone products are great as well, and are often unscented products intended to be mixed with your own favorite fragrances.

Personally, I like alcohol base, because I don’t particularly like how oil feels on my skin, but many people disagree with me! The bottom line is that you should use your favorite products, whatever their base, and not worry about how the base is affecting the formula. As far as effectiveness goes, both oil and alcohol based formulas are equally effective at holding together pheromone formulas and helping you to attract others, gain confidence, and feel great.

Some of the best oil based pheromone products include: Alpha-7 for Men, New Pheromone Additive, and Primal Women.

Some of the best alcohol based pheromone products include: Liquid Trust, Super Primal for Men or Women, and our gel packets.

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  1. I happen to like both but however I have personally found that with some roll on applicators that oil base is better I have tried to use alcohol based with scents in the past and with some applicators I end up getting too much at a time. One more thing with alcohol based it works better in a sprayer which I have had over some time sprayers clog from oil based also for oil based be careful with the roll on applicators if you have it in a warm pocket because the same thing happens easy to get too much!

  2. florida, like many other states,happens to be going through a horrific heatwave these past two months…so here is the dilemma…when wearing an alcohol base i need to repeatedly apply because i’m constantly wiping away sweat and pheromone…with oil base i’m not wiping away as much and i don’t need to reapply as often…this also applies to stormy days…we had three days of weather that was extremely drenching…again,the oil base held up much better than my alcohol base(the edge)…just one more note…the unscented pheromones,i believe,should still have a very slight trace scent mixed in so that you can be sure it’s going on…just a whiff, no more than that….thanks for listening to me rant…lol…

    • Thanks for the insight, Paul. There are definitely differences between oil and alcohol based products, and that can potentially be affected by the weather.

      And you are very correct that you should add a fragrance to unscented pheromones! It is possible to use unscented pheromones by themselves, but they are MUCH more effective with a little bit a cover scent added in.

  3. Can an oil based Pheromone product be mixed with an alcohol based Pheromone product? For example, Alpha-7 for Men mixed in a glass bottle with Chikara for Men?

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