Pheromone Toolkit: Unscented Pheromones

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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

Today, we’re taking another look at some things you should have in your pheromone toolkit!

If you’re a big fan of pheromones, chances are you’re developing quite the collection of different products. And we’d like to take some time today to talk about why it’s important to have a variety of unscented products in your toolkit!

Unscented pheromones offer you a lot of flexibility. You can dilute them without compromising any added fragrance and increase their dosage without going overboard on a fragrance. You can use them as a base for a DIY mix without worrying about mixing clashing cover scents. And, if you’re particular about your fragrances, unscented pheromones let you switch up the fragrance every time you wear them!

One thing to keep in mind: unscented pheromones, more often than not, still need a cover fragrance. This is because most pheromones have a distinctive odor that won’t smell pleasant to most people. Use your best judgment when deciding whether to wear a cover fragrance with your unscented pheromones. If you know you don’t have a sensitive nose, just default to wearing a cover fragrance even if you’re not sure you need one!

All right, let’s dive into why unscented pheromones are a great addition to your pheromone toolkit!



Earlier in our Pheromone Toolkit series, we talked about pure pheromone concentrates. These potent products have a maximized pheromone concentration, allowing you to dilute them into any fragrance you like and make very customized DIY pheromones.

But pure pheromones aren’t the only pheromones you can dilute. A few other unscented pheromones, such as Alpha-7 Unscented and Primal Women, are also good candidates for dilution. Some people find that these formulas work better at a lower potency.

One thing all of the above pheromones have in common: they don’t have a cover scent!

Because these potent formulas don’t have perfumes or colognes added, you only need to worry about diluting the pheromones–not any added fragrances. Most perfumes and colognes have a very particular fragrance concentration: concentrated enough to last for hours, but not so concentrated that it will irritate your skin or your nose. Once you start fiddling with that concentration, the quality of the fragrance diminishes.

But because these potent unscented pheromones don’t have a fragrance, you can focus on just the pheromones and their concentration. Then, once you’ve got that part just the way you like it, you can add an appropriate amount of fragrance. You can either add it directly to the formula, or apply it separately. Whatever works for you!

Now, diluting pheromones often involves some trial and error. Different concentrations work differently for different people. Some people can wear Alpha-7 right out of the bottle, for example, while others need to dilute it to avoid a pheromone overdose. Just be prepared to experiment a bit to find the right concentration for you! But as long as you’re working with unscented pheromones, fragrance isn’t a factor you’ll have to worry about until the very end!

Now let’s take a look at more complex DIY pheromones, and why unscented pheromones are a great fit for your mixes!



As we said above, unscented pheromones are easier to dilute because you don’t have the factor of a fragrance to consider. But what about mixing different pheromones together rather than diluting just one? Well, unscented pheromones make that easier, too!

Just as cover fragrances have very particular concentrations, they also have very particular fragrance profiles. Perfumers research fragrance compounds for years to master what they do. They know which scents work together, which don’t, which scents complement each other, which clash…you get the idea! And even with all that training, it can take the pros a long time to come up with a fragrance that really works.

Why is this important? Well, it’s important to understand that creating a fragrance isn’t as easy as just throwing a bunch of nice-smelling stuff together. Two fragrances that smell wonderful by themselves can smell terrible once you’ve mixed them together. So, mixing two scented pheromones together can create something that smells awful–even if the two separate products smell amazing when you wear them separately!

This is why any DIY-pheromone enthusiast should have a healthy supply of unscented pheromones in their toolkit. If the pheromones don’t have added fragrance, all you need to worry about is the pheromones. Of course, including one scented pheromone in your mix isn’t a bad thing: the cover scent in that one pheromone becomes a cover scent for the full mix. But having a base of only unscented pheromones eliminates the risk of clashing fragrances!

But what if you’re not interested in advanced stuff like dilution or DIY mixes? What if you’ll only be wearing pheromones that you can wear right out of the bottle? You might benefit from having a selection of unscented pheromones to choose from, too! Let’s look at why!



Even if you don’t plan on diluting your pheromones or making complicated DIY mixes, unscented pheromones can still be beneficial for you. That’s because they allow you to wear a different fragrance every time you wear the pheromones. Whether you’re particular about your fragrances or just want to be able to match your fragrance to the occasion, being able to switch up the scent is a good thing for everyone!

As we said above, mixing different perfumes and colognes isn’t a good idea. This goes for mixing scented pheromones with perfumes and colognes, too. While some fragrances might work fine together, most are going to clash with one another. Your pheromones won’t get a chance to work if people are avoiding you due to an odd smell!

But when you have plenty of unscented pheromones to choose from, you don’t need to worry about clashing fragrances. Choose which pheromone fits your mood, and then the fragrance that fits your mood, too! You can have a fragrance for morning, afternoon, evening, late night–all with the same pheromone!

And, if you’re particular about your fragrances, or spend time with someone who is, unscented pheromones let you customize every time. Maybe you can only do natural, essential-oils based fragrances. Or perhaps to know someone who is allergic to certain fragrance compounds. Or maybe you just have very specific tastes! Unscented pheromones let you use the exact fragrance you want, every time.

So, whether you like to change up fragrances or can only wear certain kinds, unscented pheromones make your life simpler. Keep your toolkit fully stocked with fragrance-free pheromones and have one less thing to worry about!


And there you have it, Love Scent fans! All the reasons your pheromone toolkit should have a few unscented pheromones to choose from. Luckily, we have plenty of unscented pheromones for men and women to help you get started! And don’t forget to save 20% when you order by applying the code LOVEISBLOOMING at checkout!


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