Pheromone Science: Estratetraenol and Attraction

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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

Today, we’re taking another dive into pheromone research! Specifically, we’re going to take a closer look at the connection between Estratetraenol and attraction.

We’ve talked about Estratetraenol’s positive effects before. It gets straight men and gay women in the mood for romance[1] and enhances women’s natural femininity[2]. It can also intensify sexual feelings in both men and women[3], making a romantic bond more fulfilling for both parties. Research also shows that it can make men behave more cooperatively[4] (thus making them more appealing to serious romantic partners) and helps them understand romantic situations better[5]!

These effects have made Estratetraenol a popular ingredient in women’s pheromone products. When worn alone, it promotes a deep emotional connection and lasting romantic bond. When worn in combination with other pheromones, it helps amplify their best qualities and improve the effectiveness of the formula.

One key point about Estratetraenol is its ability to create a longer-lasting, more meaningful bond. While intense sex pheromones such as AndrosteNONE and copulins can quickly turn up the heat in your relationships, Estratetraenol helps with both physical and emotional intimacy. So if you’re looking for something serious, or want to improve the intimacy in a long-term relationship, Estratetraenol could be a great asset to you!

Another recent study[6] emphasizes that the links between Estratetraenol and attraction go deeper than the first spark in a new relationship. This research found that men who were exposed to Estratetraenol were more likely to choose “delayed gratification” in specific sexual contexts. This suggests that Estratetraenol encourages men to focus on sexual partnerships rather than quick flings.

In this study, researchers exposed a group of heterosexual men to either Estratetraenol or a pheromone-free placebo solution. The men then got to choose between viewing a sexual image sooner for a shorter period of time (called a “smaller-sooner” option), or later for a longer period of time (called a “larger-later” option). This helped researchers determine what kind of headspace Estratetraenol put the participants in.

The men who were sniffing Estratetraenol during the study were more likely to choose the “larger-later” option, meaning that they were willing to see the benefits of waiting for their reward. On the other hand, men who were sniffing the placebo were more likely to choose the “smaller-sooner” option, meaning that they were eager for a quicker reward even if it would be less meaningful.

But what about plain old impulsivity? Could Estratetraenol actually just reduce men’s likelihood to make impulsive decisions across the board? In theory, yes–but this study’s researchers ruled that out as a factor. Estratetraenol didn’t just make men less likely to make an impulsive decision. It actually made them willing to wait longer for something better.

So what does this tell us about Estratetraenol and attraction? Well, it once again reiterates that Estratetraenol forges longer-lasting, deeper bonds rather than simply triggering physical attraction. Of course, if all you’re looking for is something that will trigger physical attraction, that’s perfectly all right–and there are several pheromones that can help you out! But if you’re looking for a more serious commitment from your partner, Estratetraenol could be the better choice for you!

If you’re interested in trying out these connections between Estratetraenol and attraction, we have a few products you can try! NPA for Women and Mistress Pheromone Perfume both include Estratetraenol in their formula. And, of course, you can use Pure Estratetraenol to turn any of your favorite perfumes into a powerful attractant!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! The latest research on Estratetraenol and attraction. If you want to attract a partner who’s willing to wait longer for a more meaningful relationship, we encourage you to keep an eye out for this powerful pheromone!


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