Pheromone Science: Androstadienone and Attraction

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Now, on to today’s topic! We’re taking another look at pheromone research today–specifically, the link between AndrostaDIENONE and attraction!

As you may already know, AndrostaDIENONE is one of the most well-researched pheromones out there. Many studies show that this pheromone, which is naturally produced by men, has a great deal of influence on human behavior and emotion. Let’s take a look at some of the things we already know about this incredible pheromone, and then learn something new!



To start with, AndrostaDIENONE has many positive effects on straight women. Past research revealed that women tend to have better moods, and feel more generous, when exposed to this pheromone. It can also make women feel more focused, helping them make decisions more efficiently!

For straight men, AndrostaDIENONE’s effects are more of a mixed bag, with some positive and some negative effects. For example, while this pheromone can put men in a worse mood and possibly worsen social anxiety, it can also make men more likely to cooperate with each other.

Many of AndrostaDIENONE’s effects suggest that it plays an important role in human interaction. In addition to the effects mentioned above, it also changes the way we perceive emotional information, and helps alert us to potentially angry or irritated people nearby. Researchers believe that this pheromone helps us have an easier time identifying tension in a group of people and resolving that tension quickly.

In addition to these general effects on behavior and interaction, AndrostaDIENONE also has big effects on courtship–that is, romance! Straight women and gay men both experience changes in their hypothalamus, the brain region associated with romance, when they are exposed to AndrostaDIENONE. They also find men more attractive and masculine! This link between AndrostaDIENONE and attraction has made it a common ingredient in men’s pheromone products.

As you can see, we already know a lot about AndrostaDIENONE. It’s a great pheromone for men to use if they want to attract women–or other men! Men should just be careful not to use too much so they don’t get put in too bad a mood.

Now let’s take a look at even more research into this pheromone!



The research we’ll look at today also examined the link between AndrostaDIENONE and attraction. In this case, rather than scanning participants’ brains, researchers asked participants to rate the attractiveness of faces and voices. The study included men and women, and asked people of both sexes to rate the attractiveness of both men and women.

Researches used a mix of sexes in this study to see if feedback changed based on the gender of the participant. In other words, they wanted to see if only women found men’s faces and voices more attractive when exposed to AndrostaDIENONE, if straight women only found men more attractive, and so on.

Researchers divided the participants into two groups. Each group had a mix of both sexes. One group sniffed AndrostaDIENONE mixed with clove oil. The other group smelled clove oil without any AndrostaDIENONE added. Participants then looked at images of people of both sexes and listened to voices of people of both sexes, and rated their attractiveness.

This research revealed, unsurprisingly, that the group exposed to AndrostaDIENONE rated the images and voices as more attractive. One detail was surprising, though: the results were not sex-specific! In other words, women who were exposed to AndrostaDIENONE found both men and other women more attractive compared to women exposed to only clove oil. Men who were exposed to AndrostaDIENONE found both women and other men more attractive.

This does not mean, of course, that AndrostaDIENONE changed the sexual orientation of the participants. Thinking of someone as attractive does not necessarily mean that you are attracted to them, or would want to date them. But research has shown that being perceived as attractive can have many non-romantic benefits, from better job opportunities to better social interactions!

So, this research solidifies the links between AndrostaDIENONE and attraction, but reinforces that those effects are not always specifically related to romance. This pheromone’s role in general human interaction may be even more important than its role in courtship. And that’s pretty interesting!



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There you have it, Love Scent fans! We hope you find these connections between AndrostaDIENONE and attraction as interesting as we do. And don’t forget to save 35% on any of the products mentioned here by using the code CYBERWEEK22 at checkout!


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