Pairing Essential Oils With Pheromones

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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

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Now, as for today’s topic: we’re talking about pairing essential oils with pheromones!

Essential oils and pheromones share many qualities. They’re both airborne chemical compounds that are detected by our olfactory system (AKA our sense of smell) and have certain impacts on our behavior. Both have a variety of useful effects that can benefit your day-to-day life. And both are very easy to add to your daily routine!

Before we go into some great pheromone-essential oil combos, let’s briefly cover the basics of essential oil safety:

  1. Research any essential oil you want to use. Many essential oils are very safe to use in just about any situation, but others require more careful use. Eucalyptus oil, for example, is not safe to use around young children, and Tea Tree oil is not safe to use around animals (such as pet dogs and cats).
  2. Always dilute essential oils before putting them on your skin. Essential oils are very potent, and putting them onto your skin without diluting them can cause a bad reaction called sensitization. You can dilute them in many different carriers, including oils and unscented pheromones.
  3. Use the right concentration when diluting. You should dilute some essential oils to a 5% concentration. Others need a 3% concentration. It depends on the oil. Luckily, info on the correct concentration is easy to find in books and online!

Remember: essential oils are natural, but that doesn’t mean they’re 100% safe in all situations. A bit of education goes a long way here!

Now that you’ve got the basics of essential oils safety down, let’s talk pairing them with pheromones!

First of all, there are two basic approaches you can take here:

  1. Complementary pairings: choosing essential oils with effects that are similar to the effects of the pheromones. This can help emphasize the parts of the pheromone that you really love.
  2. Counterbalancing pairings: choosing essential oils with different effects than the effects of the pheromones. This can help minimize any side effects of the pheromones that you don’t like.

Finally, let’s look at the practical questions of pairing pheromones with essential oils. You can either dilute the essential oils in a carrier liquid, such as jojoba oil or witch hazel, and use that diluted mixture as a cover scent. Alternatively, you can add it directly to an unscented pheromone, such as Liquid Trust or New Pheromone Additive for Men.

All right! Let’s look at some essential oils, and how you can use them with your favorite pheromones!


Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil - Undiluted Therapeutic Grade - 10 ML1. Lavender Essential Oil

First up is Lavender essential oil, which is probably the most popular essential oil in the world. You may have seen it in everything from perfumes to soaps to massage oils. Its many benefits include stress relief, relaxation, and even pain relief! Many people use it as a sleep aid, or put it in home diffuser blends.

Here are some possible Lavender-pheromone pairings:

  1. Complementary pairings: bring out the relaxing, stress-relieving properties of Liquid Trust or Pure AndrosteNOL by mixing them with a few drops of Lavender oil. Lavender can also serve as the cover fragrance in any relaxing DIY pheromone blend.
  2. Counterbalancing pairings: reduce the potentially agitating side effects of Alpha-7 Unscented or Pure AndrosteNONE by pairing them with Lavender oil. You can also reduce the sometimes-depressive effects of AndrostaDIENONE on men by adding Lavender oil to the mix.

Try one of the above pairings, or come up with your own! Whichever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the myriad benefits of Lavender essential oil.

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Peppermint 100% Pure Essential Oil - Undiluted Therapeutic Grade - 10 ML2. Peppermint Essential Oil

If you need something to boost your energy levels, Peppermint essential oil is an excellent choice. This stimulating oil helps improve focus and energy, and helps combat fatigue! These effects make it a great choice when you need a mental or physical pick-me-up.

Here are some potential Peppermint oil-pheromone pairings:

  1. Complementary pairings: stimulate the mind and body in all kinds of ways when you pair Peppermint oil with Alpha-7 Unscented or Super Primal for Her. If you have a pheromone DIY blend for your workout sessions or workday focus needs, Peppermint oil would make a great cover scent.
  2. Counterbalancing pairings: if you want to improve your focus without over-stimulating you (or anyone around you), pair Peppermint oil with a relaxing pheromone like Liquid Trust or Pure AndrosteNOL. The social pheromones will keep things relaxed while the Peppermint oil revs up your mind and body.

As always, we encourage you to get creative! Experiment with different combinations until you find something that really works wonders for you.

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Sweet Orange 100% Pure Undiluted Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade- 10 Ml (Sweet Orange, 10ml)3. Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet Orange essential oil has a fresh, clean, uplifting fragrance that makes it a popular addition to aromatherapy blends. It also has some awesome benefits for body and mind. In addition to helping with mental focus and mood, it can help with your athletic performance! This is a great choice when you need something to stimulate your mental and physical faculties.

Some great Sweet Orange oil-pheromone pairings are:

  1. Complementary pairings: pair Sweet orange oil with Pure Androstadienone (for women) or Pure AndrosteNOL (for men) for help with mental focus. You can also pair it with Alpha-7 Unscented as an awesome workout aid!
  2. Counterbalancing pairings: if you need something that will help sharpen your focus, but don’t want to overdo it to the point of overstimulation, pair Sweet Orange oil with a relaxing pheromone like Liquid Trust or our Love Scent Pheromone Oils Citrus scent. You can also use it to help shake off any depressive effects of certain pheromones, such as AndrostaDIENONE’s mood-lowering effects on men.

You can try one of the suggested pairings here, or mix and match with your favorite pheromones until you find a combo unique to you! As always with pheromones, the experimenting is half the fun!

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There you have it, Love Scent fans! Some of our best essential oil-pheromone combinations. Get the best of all worlds when you pair these versatile products with each other!


Have you ever used essential oils and pheromones together? Did you put pheromones into an aromatherapy blend, or use essential oils as cover scents for your unscented pheromones? Share your experiences in the comments! You can also contact us to share your comments and questions. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to hear about coupons, website updates, new products, and more!


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