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Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

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This week, we’re bringing back our Weekly Special on Pure AndrostaDIENONE! This pure pheromone concentrate contains 1 mg of pheromones per ml of carrier. It’s ideal for DIYers who want to make their own pheromone products at home. One drop diluted in several milliliters of your favorite fragrance or carrier oil is all you need!

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All right, now that we’re all caught up with this week’s chances to save big on quality pheromones, let’s turn to today’s blog topic: our best pheromones for focus!

As you know, pheromones affect us in many different ways. They can enhance sexual attraction, elevate the mood, and improve confidence. One lesser-known quality of pheromones: they can improve your focus!

Two pheromones in particular can help you focus better: AndrosteNOL, and AndrostaDIENONE. Interestingly, these pheromones are sex-specific when it comes to improving focus, meaning that their focus-improving effects depend on the gender of the person exposed to them!

AndrosteNOL, for example, helps men focus better, but typically does not have the same effect on women. More specifically, AndrosteNOL helps men process information more quickly, especially emotional information. If a man needs help focusing, putting some AndrosteNOL on his upper lip so he is continuously exposed to the pheromones can be a great help. He’ll also experience other positive benefits, such as an elevated mood and positive outlook.

For women, the best focus-improving pheromone appears to be AndrostaDIENONE. This pheromone actually has many benefits for women specifically, including an elevated mood and a closer bond with loved ones. It also helps women feel more focused on their tasks, and helps them process visual information more efficiently. These effects make AndrostaDIENONE a great choice for women who want to improve their focus during their daily routines.

One thing women should keep in mind, however: AndrostaDIENONE is a male pheromone, and can actually have a depressive effect on men’s moods. It can also make some men feel intimidated. So, if you’re interested in using AndrostaDIENONE to improve your focus, be aware of how it might affect your relationship with the men around you–especially partners and colleagues. When in doubt, use sparingly for best overall results! A small amount should be enough for all your needs.

All right, now that we’ve covered the best pheromones for focus, let’s look at some specific products!

1. Love Scent Pheromone Oils ($9.95)

If you want to add some AndrosteNOL to your life, the Love Scent Pheromone Oils are a great way to do it. These user-friendly scented oils are infused with pure AndrosteNOL and nothing else. This pheromone has no bad side effects to speak of, so you can wear these oils anywhere, anytime! In addition to feeling more focused, you’ll also feel more relaxed and more sociable.

The Love Scent Pheromone Oils come in ten different scent options. Every scent option contains the same pheromones, so choose what you like! Maybe you’ll like fresh, clean Musk, or sweet floral Honeysuckle. Whatever you choose, apply to the wrists, throat, and under the nose.

A 3.7 ml bottle of any of the Love Scent Pheromone Oils scent options is $9.95. If you need easy-to-use pheromones for focus, these are a great choice! Order today!


Androstadienone (6 ml)2. Pure AndrostaDIENONE ($29.95 for the next week)

If you’re a woman who wants to turn your favorite fragrance into a focus-enhancing perfume, pure AndrostaDIENONE could be just what you need. Just one drop of this potent concentrate, diluted in several milliliters of your favorite perfume, will give you all of AndrostaDIENONE’s benefits. It can help improve your mood and keep you focused on your tasks. These are ideal self-effects for hectic times!

Our pure AndrostaDIENONE is unscented, and we do not recommend using it without a cover fragrance, even if you’re only using it for its self-effects. It smells a bit like body odor by itself. Start by diluting 1 drop in 5 milliliters of your favorite perfume. Then adjust as needed to get the effects you want! Apply to the upper lip for the best self-effects.

For the next week, a 6 ml bottle of pure AndrostaDIENONE is yours for $29.95. If you’re a woman who needs pheromones for focus, give this one a try today!


AndrosteNOL (6 ml)3. Pure AndrosteNOL ($39.95)

If you’re a man who wants some unscented pheromones for focus, pure AndrosteNOL is ideal. You can either mix this unscented concentrate with the fragrance of your choice or dilute in an unscented carrier fluid. Apply to the upper lip and enjoy its focus-improving, mood-elevating benefits.

Pure AndrosteNOL is unscented, and does not require a cover fragrance. We do recommend diluting it because of its potency. Wearing it without dilution won’t cause bad side effects, but will use more of the product than is necessary. Start by diluting one drop in 5 milliliters of your favorite fragrance or unscented carrier fluid. Adjust as needed until you get your desired results!

You can get a 6 ml bottle of pure AndrosteNOL for $39.95. If you’re looking for unscented pheromones for focus, this is for you! Order now!

New Pheromone Additive for Men4. New Pheromone Additive for Men ($39.95)

New Pheromone Additive for Men contains both of the best pheromones for focus: AndrosteNOL and AndrostaDIENONE. Because of its AndrostaDIENONE content, it is considered a men’s product, but women hoping for focus-improving self-effects can use it too! It also contains AndrosteNONE, a unisex sex pheromone that improves confidence.

New Pheromone Additive for Men is unscented. It naturally has a musky odor, so we recommend wearing it with a cologne or perfume. Apply a dab to the upper lip to take advantage of its self-effects.

A 10 ml bottle of New Pheromone Additive for Men is yours for $39.95. Order your bottle today!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! Our best pheromones for focus. Just remember to keep these pheromones’ gender-specific effects in mind when ordering to see the best results!


Have you ever used pheromones for focus? Which products have you tried? What were the results? Tell us about it in the comments! You can also contact us to share your thoughts, questions, and concerns. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get free samples and to be the first to hear about blog posts, new products, awesome deals, and more!


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