3 Pheromones To Wear At Big Events

Greetings, Love Scents fans! Lots of big events, gatherings, festivals, and conventions happen during the summer, so we’re using this week’s blog post to recommend a few products to you that are great to use in crowded places where the temperature is high, there are lots of people around, and you could be interacting with a wide variety of personalities. Mostly, you’ll want to check out products that are hard to overdose on, and will mix well with your natural pheromones. Remember: it’s ALWAYS a good idea to take a long shower before heading out to events like this, and to wear products that don’t smell too strong. Trust me, the people around you will appreciate it! Anyways, on to the list.


1. Liquid Trust

Liquid Trust is a near perfect product to use at big events, and in fact we already have plenty of customers in sales and customer service that love using Liquid Trust at industry conventions and large professional gatherings. Liquid Trust contains social hormones that facilitate social bonding with others, which is exactly what most people are looking for when they attend big summer gatherings. Plus, it doesn’t smell like much, and it’s nearly impossible to overdose on.


2. Connekt

Connekt is basically an upgraded version of Liquid Trust. The only difference is that it has a slightly higher concentration of social hormones, so if the even you are attending is very important and you need to be at your absolute best, Connekt might be a better option. It is a little bit more expensive than Liquid Trust, but for many people the difference is worth it.

UPDATE: We no longer carry Connekt. Try Liquid Trust instead!



3. Super Primal for Him

Super Primal for Him is an unscented pheromone product that is heavy in androsteNOL, a fantastic pheromone for social events. Compared to Liquid Trust and Connekt, Super Primal is a little better at actually attracting people. So, if you’re looking to make some great connections at festivals and have a little extra fun, Super Primal might be the best option for you. Plus, androstenol doesn’t smell strongly like other pheromones, so it won’t mix poorly with your own sweat and body odor. It also mixes with any sort of fragrance, cologne, perfume, after shave, or scented lotion you might use, so it’s very flexible.


That’s all for this week, Love Scenters. If you are going to any big events, have fun! There is nothing quite like celebrating with a ton of people that you share common interests with, and any of these products will help you connect with them even easier. Please leave a comment below the article if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or topics you’d like us to cover in future blog posts, and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get some free samples, and to be updated on new blog posts, products, and promotions.


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  1. Love the advice and testimonials!! Can’t wait to try more! What am I saying, I’m gonna try them all.

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