4 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For Our New Product Testing Program

What’s up, Love Scent fans? This week’s post will be a little different than most of our previous ones. Instead of talking about our current products, we’re going to be talking about our future ones! This month, we’re launching our new Product Research and Development Program, and we’re looking for as many participants as we can before we get started with our first new product test. If you’re not sure about joining the program and would like a little more info, keep reading!


1. You’ll get to try new, cutting edge pheromone products

Testing new products is super exciting! The pheromone industry doesn’t move particularly fast, and eventually everyone gets a little bored of even their most favorite products. We’re trying to change that as soon as we can by consistently developing new products that employ brand new pheromone molecules that can’t be found in any current products. If you’re someone who likes to stay ahead of the pack, joining our R&D program will allow you to try out new pheromone technology before anyone else!


2. You’ll be able to tell us exactly what you’re looking for

As a Love Scent product tester, you’ll be able to tell us exactly what you like about our new products, and what you don’t like. This will allow us to tailor our new products so that our customers are receiving new products that you actually like, not just products that we think you’ll like. Without testing, we can’t know exactly what you guys want. If you’d like your voice to be more easily heard, just sign up for the program.


3. It’s FREE

Probably the best thing about our R&D program is that signing up for it and participating is 100 percent FREE! The only thing it will cost you is a little bit of your time, but that time will be spent going out and testing products. What could be more fun than testing brand new pheromone products? Each test will take place over a two week period, during which we’ll ask you to submit a couple surveys that will tell us about your experiences with the product. It’ll be super easy, and well worth it to you because of the next reason…


4. Every tester that completes a full test cycle will receive an EXCLUSIVE, better than average coupon

That’s right! Anyone that uses up all of the test product and fills out all of the surveys we send out will receive an exclusive coupon good for one order of any size that will have a higher discount than any of our normal seasonal coupons. You can use it on a bottle of the new product when it launches, or you can use it to restock on your current favorites. Doesn’t matter to us, it’s our gift to you.


We’ll be starting our first product test in July, so be sure to sign up by then if you’re interested. Check out this page for more details. We hope that this program will help us stay more connected to you guys and allow us to develop products together with you, our most loyal customers. As always, please┬áleave a comment below the article if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or topics you’d like us to cover in future blog posts, and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter┬áto get some free samples, and to be updated on new blog posts, products, and promotions.


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  1. I’ve used pheromones from about 4 different companies since 2011. I go out to the same bars and clubs about 4 times a week and wear them there, at work and to the gym. I like to use different pheromone products in each place to see if the responses will be different. I also stack them to see if the response is better or no change. I definitely know the pheromones work. I’m a 47 year old attractive woman and I get a lot of attention already but when I have on the pheromones it’s even more so. I found putting the pheromones right in front of my ears where it is closer to the nose when someone leans in to talk to me really works.

    I’d be glad to participate in the testing because I love experimenting and would be happy to pass along my results

    • cheyenne@love-scent.com June 17, 2016 at 11:59 am

      Maryam, you seem like a perfect tester. Our first test will be for a male product, but we will definitely be testing female products at some point in the next year, so just fill out the sign up form and you will be considered once we have any female products to test.

  2. i just like to say that i would bea great tester for your products…i’ve been using some of your products already and have reviewed them, i think, successfully…at 61 you would think my days were numbered but since i’ve been using your products i’ve got to say,woman have been smiling and being more chatty with me than usual…i’m retired,so i drive pizza for pocket change and it gets me out and about…and i’ve noticed my tip base has more than doubled since using your stuff…is it working?…it sure seems it to me,but i’m still experimenting…women who use to stop me at the door,are now asking me to bring their food in for them,the whole time talking to me and asking how i am…and how sorry they were for making me come out in the(rain,heat,humidity etc…)to bring them their food…it’s amazing!!!…i had one woman who looked like ann margret,lean on her door as i was leaving and say with a soft grunt,”rrrrrrrr i sure do like a man with SKINNY LEGS!!!…when i turned around she was still standing by her door…then she winked,blew a kiss and closed the door…made my nite!

    • cheyenne@love-scent.com June 16, 2016 at 12:06 pm

      That’s awesome, Paul! Glad you like our products. Just fill out the sign up form, and you will definitely be considered during our first test coming up soon.

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