Back To Basics: Are Pheromones Love Potions?

Happy Friday, Love Scent fans!

This week, we’re going to look at a common misconception about pheromones: that they’re fail-free love potions that can attract anyone you want!

So, let’s get right to it! Are pheromones love potions?

The short answer is a simple “No”–but that doesn’t mean that pheromones aren’t incredibly useful tools that can make an enormous amount of difference in your life!

Read on to learn more!



If you casually research pheromones online, you’ll find a lot of misinformation. You may find pop culture articles about using pheromones to turn yourself into a ‘sex god,’ or references to pheromones from movies and books that portray them as essentially a form of mind control. (We actually looked at some pop culture references to pheromones, and why they’re almost never accurate, here!)

The reality behind pheromones is far less sensational. But where does this myth come from to begin with? And why is it so widespread?

Part of the myth comes from our knowledge of the animal kingdom. Zoologists and biologists have plenty of data about the role of pheromones in nonhuman animals’ behavior. Nonhuman animals use pheromones for all sorts of purposes, from signaling readiness to mate to establishing social hierarchies, and their pheromones have very significant behavioral effects that don’t vary from individual to individual. Many people assume that the same must be true of humans.

In human beings, though, pheromones are much more complex. No one is 100% sure why, but one theory is that we’ve developed so many other ways of communicating that we don’t need to rely on pheromones as much as other animals. Either way, one thing is clear: pheromones just don’t work the same for us as they do for other animals!

There is also some wishful thinking involved in the “pheromones as love potions” myth. Most people would love a one-size-fits-all solution to their romantic life or sex life. A simple spray that can make anyone fall in love with you–that’s an appealing thought! It would certainly make navigating the dating pool a lot easier.

The truth is, though, that pheromones can’t be that one-size-fits-all solution, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll make anyone fall in love with you. Pheromones themselves are also so varied, with such a wide range of effects, and individual people are so varied, that pheromones aren’t even guaranteed to work the same way for everyone who wears them!

All of this does not mean, though, that pheromones are useless, or that you shouldn’t try them! Let’s take a look about the truth of pheromones now, and learn all the things that they can do–and what they can do for you!



When you learn that pheromones aren’t what they’re portrayed to be in popular culture, you may feel disappointed at first. We promise, though, that there’s nothing to be disappointed about! True, they’re more complex than you’ve been led to believe, but their effects aren’t always that far off from what you’ve assumed!

Let’s go over some misconceptions about pheromones, and what the truth is!

  • Pheromones can’t make someone fall in love with you–but can make attraction more likely: No pheromone on the planet will make someone lose control over themselves and force them to fall in love with you whether they want to or not. But pheromones can stimulate their sexual and romantic attraction to you, and make them associate positive feelings with you!
  • Pheromones can’t override someone’s preferences–but can help you fit their preferences: Just like pheromones can’t make someone fall in love with you, they also can’t make someone feel attraction to someone they never would have been attracted to to begin with. But, in most cases, they can help you enhance the qualities in yourself that they find attractive (such as confidence, magnetism, and so on).
  • Pheromones can’t make someone lose control over themselves–but can make them more likely to act on their desires: Film and TV make false depictions of pheromones as potions that make people abandon their inhibitions and self-control, which isn’t how pheromones work at all. But pheromones can help give someone the courage and confidence to act on desires that they wouldn’t normally act on, as long as those desires are legitimate to begin with.
  • Pheromones can’t do all the work for you–but can help give you a major boost: Pheromones can’t cancel out the need to read other people’s signals and body language or the need to appeal to someone’s preferences. But they can help bring out your best qualities and increase your chances by a lot!

Basically, don’t expect pheromones to be the magical cure-all for your love life (or professional life, or personal life in general). They’re just one tool in your toolkit. They’ll offer a lot of benefits, but it’s up to you to work on the rest of your toolkit!



Now that you know what pheromones can and cannot do, let’s look at how to use them effectively!

Step one: manage your expectations! Remember, pheromones are tools, not magical love potions. They’re here to help, not do all the work for you!

Step two: find the right pheromone for your needs. Remember that the right choice might not be obvious. If you’re looking for something to improve your love life, a sex pheromone might seem like the clear answer. But some people would actually benefit more from a social pheromone when trying to find a partner! It depends on what else is missing from your toolkit. So take an honest look at what you need to improve on, research your options, and choose your pheromones accordingly!

Step three: use the right amounts. Less is usually more, especially with strong sex pheromones, so don’t dump an entire bottle on yourself! If it’s a strong pheromone, that could backfire. If it’s a mild pheromone, it’ll just make you run out faster than you need to. Research the specific product you’re using and choose the right amount for your needs!

Step four: experiment and be flexible! Some people get the perfect pheromone for them the first time they try. But some people need to try a few different products before they find the right one. There’s nothing wrong with deciding that a particular product isn’t for you and choosing something else instead! (And remember: we have a money-back guarantee, so if a product isn’t meeting your needs, you can replace or exchange it!)

Step five: remember that your needs may change over time! A pheromone that worked great for you ten years ago might not work well anymore. This can be due to a lot of factors, such as changing body chemistry due to age and changes to your personality. Don’t be afraid to switch it up and start experimenting again!


There you have it, Love Scent fans! We hope this has taught you something about how pheromones do and don’t work! Remember: knowledge is power! Now go out there and find the right pheromone for you!


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