Pheromones On The Go: Atomizers vs. Roll-ons

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This week, we’ll be taking a quick look at two options for carrying your pheromones on the go.

If you enjoy making your own pheromone mixes, or like combining a batch of your favorite unscented formula with your chosen cover scent for quick application later, chances are that you store your mix in either an atomizer or a roll-on bottle. These are the most convenient way to carry a blend of pheromones along with you–because not many of us want to carry around our entire collection of pheromones and cover fragrances when we head out the door!

At Love Scent, we can provide you with both atomizers and roll-on bottles: atomizers come in either blue or purplpe, and roll-ons in black-capped glass. Both are great options for storing a pheromone mix. That said, there are also pros and cons associated with each.

Let’s take a look at what those pros and cons are!




Atomizers are convenient, portable, and very easy to refill. Just pop out the inner chamber, unscrew the lid, fill with your favorite pheromone mix, and you’re good to go. They also give a nice distribution of the formula, delivering a light mist of your mix over a few inches of your skin with a single spray.


While the wide distribution of the formula is nice, some pheromone users feel that atomizers waste too much of the formula: some makes it to your skin, but some also might shoot right past your wrist or neck and end up dissipating in the air instead of on you–especially when outdoors, where even a mild breeze can blow some of the formula away. Atomizers are also more likely to clog up with thicker formulas, such as oil-based formulas; they work much better with thinner, alcohol- or water-based mixes.

When to use atomizers:

As usual, this choice boils down mostly to personal preference, but you’ll have the best luck with atomizers when using an alcohol- or water-based formula. If you have an alcohol-based pheromone blend or water-and-essential-oil based body spray, atomizers will work well. If you prefer thicker, oil-based formulas, you might want to consider a different option.




Roll-ons are also very portable and convenient, and are often a little bit smaller than atomizers, so they’re ideal for someone who wants to be able to tuck their pheromones into even the smallest pockets. Because you apply your favorite mix by touching the roller to your skin, roll-ons also give you complete control over where on your body the formula is going. You won’t lose a drop to the air when you use a roll-on!


The biggest drawback to using roll-ons is that they are more difficult to refill: the roll-on cap fits very snugly into the bottle to prevent leaking, and it can be difficult to pull that cap out for refilling later. As with atomizers, they also have trouble with certain formulas: in roll-ons’ case, thin, alcohol- or water-based formulas can come out too fast, meaning that you might use more of the formula than you’d intended and might even lose some to evaporation if the mix isn’t properly stored. (Always remember to store your pheromones and cover scents in a cool place out of direct sunlight.)

When to use roll-ons:

Roll-ons work best for thicker, oil-based mixes, such as oil-based pheromone formulas and essential oil aromatherapy blends. You can still use roll-ons for thinner formulas, but you’ll need to take extra care to not waste any of the mix.


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