The Myriad uses of Pheromones

What are pheromones?


Pheromones are naturally produced chemicals which appear in humans and animals and that affect the behavior and physiology of others in their species. For being such a powerful and effective natural human chemical, pheromones are amazingly underused! Those who have used pheromones report all sorts of positive effects, discerned not only in those around them but also in themselves.


What are some applications of pheromones?


Pheromones are renown for producing attraction and arousal between people, whether of the opposite sex or not 🙂 what they are less known for is how they can function as mood enhancers and social bonding agents. Yeah you read that right. Pheromones can create ease in social situations, an ease that emanates from the user and projects outward affecting those around them. How cool is that? Everyone needs more positivity and ease in their lives and pheromones are a great hack for producing those vibes.


How do I know what pheromones are right for me?


That depends on what you aim to achieve more of in your life; are you interested in finding a mate? Do wish to bring a little va va voom into your already occupied bedroom? Perhaps you seek a boost in confidence to gain an edge in the workplace? Or maybe you just want to experience some super-successful social encounters? Pheromones exist in so many different formulations, they can be used for any kind of gain!!



tl;dr: Pheromones are the bombdiggetty. Use them as attractants, as mood enhancers, as social lubricants as leadership facilitators….it can get preeeetty sweet 🙂



Good Vibes Only,



-The Phero Fairy


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